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Boys Footwear

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Boys Footwear
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  1. Marvel Avengers Kids Boys Moulds by toothless
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Buy Hot Wheels, Marvel Avengers, Disney Cars and Mickey footwear at Toothless

Give your son the best of everything at this early age. Let him play happily and show his jovial personality with the boys footwear from Toothless. Get your hands on the toddler boys footwear or the kids boys footwear, or choose from our wide range of character-based footwear. Whatever your little star needs, we have it all. Transform your idea of kidswear shopping with the one-stop-shop that is Toothless. Now, your kids too can join in the fun experience of shopping and choose whatever their heart desires. 

From Hot Wheels shoes to marvel flip flops, you can get it all at Toothless. Witness the magic of kids footwear unfold as we have the best of character prints and comfortable fabrics for you to choose from. Along with the wide range of products and styles, Toothless is inclined towards good quality as well. The design details and the fabrics used are sure to cater to your boy’s comfort. Got a wedding invitation or his best friend is throwing a big party for his birthday? Sit back and relax as we got you covered. The Hot Wheels shoes, avengers shoes, Disney cars footwear etc from our collection are suitable for every occasion and style. Style your little boy in a formal ensemble or give him the outlook of smart casual, now it's all achievable with Toothless. 

With an array of products, our product inventory houses some of the best styles that are sure to complement any ensemble and look. Take home Hot Wheels sandals or Ironman shoes or the playful and quirky Disney cars footwear or Mickey Mouse clogs. We have got it all!


The super comfy pick from the boys’ footwear range, our clogs showcase the character prints from your kid’s favourite animated shows. When it comes to the kids’ boys footwear, we understand that you need the fusion of style and utility. Answering to that, the boys’ footwear from this range comes in the vibrant of colours and the best of materials. 

Flip Flops

Looking for something breezy or trying to style your little boy in a funky outlook? Flip flops are the answer to that. The range display Hot Wheels flip flops, Marvel flip flops, Mickey Mouse flip flops and many more. 


The best pick for every ensemble, the shoes from our collection offer a plethora of shades and designs. The Hot Wheels canvas shoes, Marvel Avenger shoes, Disney Cars shoes are all part of this wide range. Sport shoes being an essential part of your kid’s wardrobe, are designed keeping the idea of optimum support in mind. Apart from this, we give you the option to choose from your favourite Avengers superhero with the Ironman shoes and the Hulk shoes.  


Your kid is growing up fast and you want to give him the best at this age. Say no more! The sandals from our wide range of boys footwear will soon make him a fashionista among his friends. The perfect match for a sporty look, the collection of sandals showcases Hot Wheels sandals, Avenger sandals, Hulk sandals, Disney Cars sandals etc. Pair it with a shirt and Bermuda for the perfect day look and set the style of your boy class apart. 

Kids should fantasise so let them walk in the shoes of their favourite characters. At Toothless, you are spoilt for choice. The plethora of fabric, colour, texture and print make sure that you are choosing the best for your kids and not just setting for the sake of necessity. As we adhere to your kid’s likes and dislikes, we showcase the best of boys footwear online. 

Buy Hot Wheels Footwear for boys

Speed, fun and excitement come together for the range of Hot Wheels boys footwear. Choose from an array of options of hot wheels shoes, hot wheels sandals, hot wheels canvas shoes and hot wheels flip flops. Along with a vibrant and energetic colour palette, the range puts together the best of design and functional aspects. 

Marvel Avengers Footwear

From kids to adults, Marvel Avengers has acquired a large number of audience. Give your little one the taste of this fantasy world with the Marvel avengers shoes. You can stylize a number of looks with pieces from this very collection. The Marvel flip flops cater to your need for a funky look whereas the Ironman shoes are more suitable for a semi-formal look. The Avengers shoes, Hulk sandals all promise of a cushioned sole and lightweight engineering. The best of class materials adds to the overall look and feel. Avengers shoes for toddlers and the kids Hulk shoes further extends the range to lower age groups. 

Cars Footwear

Disney Cars have always been a favourite for many. It’s no wonder that your little boy has an inclination towards the same. Give him what he desires with the Disney Cars footwear range. The Cars clogs are equal parts stunning and practical in design. Amplifying the scope of styling for your little boy are the Disney Cars sandals and Disney Cars shoes. Buy the Disney Cars footwear today and add to your boy’s wardrobe.

Mickey Mouse Footwear

A little cuteness never hurts anyone. Our Mickey Mouse shoes for kids makes sure your little one looks adorable in every style and situation. Choose from the Mickey Mouse clogs or Mickey Mouse flip flops and take your son’s personality to a whole new level. 

The boys’ footwear range is not only versatile but are long lasting as well. The playful yet practical pieces keep up with your son’s never ending energy and make them the star in their circle. 

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